Copper mine biological heap leaching R & D project


Myanmar, Mongolia and other countries are rich in mineral resources. IPE supported by the cooperative R & D project of the CAS and enterprises, has carried out basic research and technology development of bio metallurgy in Myanmar. After five years of independent innovation and technology development, relying on the enterprise platform, the large-scale industrial application of the biological heap leaching technology of the copper sulfide ore has been realized. 

The Chinese enterprises have been involved in the construction of the "the Belt and Road". The cooperative enterprises Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited and Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited have built the largest 50,000 ton/year and 100,000 ton/year biological heap leaching projects in Asia, respectively, with annual sales exceed $900 million. The output of bio heap leaching technology not only helps enterprises solve the problems of technology, cost and environmental protection, and help enterprises obtain huge economic benefits, but also drives the local economy of Myanmar, realizes direct employment of 5000 people, and promotes the export of relevant domestic production capacity. Relevant independent intellectual property technologies have been further industrialized and applied internationally in Laos and other countries.

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Figure 1. Overview of Monywa Biological                      Figure 2. Site map of Monywa Biological 

Heap Leaching Project in Myanmar                                    Heap Leaching in Myanmar


Figure 3. Cathode Copper Products

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