Green technology


Developing countries are rich in coal, oil and gas, minerals, biomass and other resources, but there are many problems, such as extensive utilization, low efficiency, serious pollution, relatively backward technology and information, lack of scientific and technological talents, weak original innovation ability and so on. There is an urgent need to develop green technology for energy and resource transformation and improve the level of industrial technology. CAS-TWAS CEGT cooperated with developing countries, especially "the Belt and Road" countries, has launched cooperation in science and technology, talents and platforms in the area of coal, oil, gas, minerals and biomass, and promoted the green technology achievements transfer and transformation. CEGT and Saudi Aramco have established a Sino Saudi oil joint center to cooperate in the development of new technologies for direct preparation of chemicals from crude oil and seek a new way for the utilization of crude oil; establish China-Thailand- Malaysia renewable energy international joint laboratory/sub center with Thailand, Malaysia and other southeast Asian countries to cooperate in the development of new technologies for green production of biofuels and degradable bio based materials; China-Sudan green science and technology joint laboratory was established with Sudan to develop artemisinin extraction and application technology. CEGT provides effective technical support for the scientific and technological development of developing countries, promotes the construction of a green innovatively development road, and thus has established an international green technology alliance (IGTA) with important international influence, making it a link and bridge for the exchange of green technology among "the Belt and Road" countries.

Research direction

Green separation process

Catalytic reaction engineering

Bio based materials

Hydrometallurgy/bio metallurgy


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