International Collaboration

CAS-TWAS Centers of Excellence, is the core of CAS-TWAS network for sustainable development. CoEs have been a true facilitator of International cooperation, via its people and networks for the advancement of science in developing countries, which have been a driving force behind global efforts to advance scientific expertise in the developing world and respond to the needs of young scientists in countries that are lagging in science and technology. Through its capacity building programs, CoEs contribute to the overall implementation of Sustainable Development Goals by providing educational assistance to support developing countries in strengthening their scientific and technological capacity.

This section comprises the following three parts:

  • International Projects: A collection of research progress reports on international cooperation projects undertaken by the CTNSDG

  • Educational & Capacity building progress: showcase the achievements in educational & capacity building programs that including postgraduate education, training workshops etc.

  • Exchanges & visits of personnel: news reports of exchanges & visits of scientific personnel.



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