Boosting the efficiency of Bio-photovoltaic cells

Two members of the TWAS Young Affiliates Network (TYAN) are joining forces to further evaluate and unravel the role of new materials aimed at boosting the efficiency of the so-called biophotovoltaic cells (BPVC), in line with the SDG#7 “Affordable and clean energy”Prof. Dr. Yin LI and Dr. Franco M. CABRERIZOProf. Yin LI (Institute of Microbiology, CAS (IMCAS), Beijing, China) and Prof. Franco M. CABRERIZO (CONICET-UNSAM, Argentina) met each other in Kigali (Rwanda) in 2016 when the TYAN was offi


Dailyinformation updates on Biotechnology Information Network for developing countries

From January to November 2021. more than 400 news of food biotechnology have been updated on CoEBio website, focus on microbiology and microbiome, metabolic engineering, fermentation technology and food hygiene. And there are more than 300 new information on the research progress and epidemicinformation of COVID-19 updated on thespecial column which set up in 2020. Every month all the updated news and information are sent to near


Cooperative research

Since 2017. the CoEBio has carried out long-term cooperative research with Malaysian scientist Min-TzeLiong in the field of health microbiome. The results of the jointstudylead to 3publications, indicating the positive role of functional probiotics on human health. The cooperative research story were reported on TWAS website with the title of "Cooperation Between CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Biotechnology and the Universiti Sains Malaysia — Partnership bet


Cultivation of international students

Jean Paul Sinuvayo, an international student from Rwanda, who won Cas-Twas Scholarship 2017. successfully completed his PhD thesis defense in June 2021. During his 4-year of study in the CAS-TWAS Center of Excellence for Biotechnology, Jean Paul Sinuvayo has developed a new route for constructing homologous microorganisms to combine into complex compounds, and constructed an independent and orthogonal homologous microbiome of xylose and glucose metabolism by coopera


BIOECONOMICS IN POST COVID-19: China and the Developing World

•The report is the first consultation report on bioeconomy strategy in the post COVID-19 epidemic•It has analyzed the data of global biotechnology and biological industry, and analyze the bioeconomy strategies of major economies;•It compared the changes of bioeconomy and biotechnology investment in various countries before and after the epidemic, and analyzed the impact of the epidemic on the global economic development;•It provides strategic advice for the development of bio



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