The realization of SDGs is full of challenges and variables, scientific and technological innovation is an important means to solve various challenges and variables, and its important role in promoting the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals has become an international consensus. The 2019 Global Sustainability Report further highlights science and technology as an important force in driving sustainable transformation and global development change.

    CTNSDG is committed to promoting the enhancement of scientific and technological innovation capabilities in developing countries and making a positive contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Based on the advantages of the Center of Excellence: atmospheric sciences, water, biotechnology, green technology, satellite remote sensing, infectious diseases, this network will release basic research information in this discipline and its related interdisciplinary fields, and constantly explore the international scientific frontiers, contributing to the development of developing countries in the fields of meteorology, oceans, environmental protection, agriculture, aerospace, water conservancy, resources and other fields.

    This section is used to publish the latest research progress in the above areas.


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