ICCES Organized AOGS Sub-forum


On 6th August, Prof. Guangxing Lin organized the Asia and Oceania Regional Geological Conference (AOGS) sub-forum: “Weather, Climate, Air Quality Model Development, and Its Application”.


Expert of universities and research institutions from China mainland, China Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, the United States attending the sub-forum made a speech about the progress in the development and application of atmospheric models. The attendees discussed current application and operational forecasting of weather, climate, and air quality models, along with their existing deficiencies, directions, and strategies of improvement, as well as future cooperation.


Air pollution and climate change threaten the health and well-being of people, particularly in developing and least developed countries, where marginalized groups such as women and children are more vulnerable to air pollution and the effects of climate change due to broader social and gender inequalities. The Earth system model can simulate the emission and diffusion of chemical components in the atmosphere, and it can forecast air pollution and further explore the interaction between climate- pollution emissions and regional air quality, which can improve the accuracy of prediction, and provide scientific support for developing countries to cope with climate change.

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